Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tyvek Sail Thoughts

Been reading up on different sails.  Haven't a clue to what most of the terminology means but I can tell alot from pictures haha!  It will come in time I suppose.  Really like the looks of the batwing sail and have tried an idea with some of the free tyvek envelopes from the postal service...

That's two single tyvek sheets melted together in my Seal-A-Meal along an edge, folded open and taped along the back side along the seam.  I stood on one part and pulled the other.  Took everything I had but it broke apart along the edge of the "weld" that was apparently weak.  Did not come apart but tore from one or the other sheet. Not good for a sail I suppose but interesting.

So I read that some folks have made tyvek sails using two-sided carpet tape.  Will have to try that next on the sail project.  Have a box with about 750 of these tyvek envelopes that I found useless for mushroom culture jar filters and have been wondering what to do with all of them. :)

This is so cool...

Image from http://yakaboo2.blogspot.com/2008/11/sail-plan.html
My boat would look really cool with sails like this.  I just have to figure how to make em haha!  Have a few other source links that show & tell but again, the terminology is killing me. What is what?

Today I'm filling inner hull wire holes with thickened epoxy after finally finishing sanding, YAY! 

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