Monday, June 11, 2012

Sand The Hull...Sand The Hull

Oh man, I hate sanding!  Why did I ever even build this hull up those years ago?  Oh well it's almost done with and ready to start the fun stuff once again.  Can't cut corners with building boats. Inner hull is at least ten times worse to sand than the outer but sand it we must for the other glass to stick well.

Dry fitting of the center deck support panel...

Tis backwards, yes, but it fits where it's supposed to be.  That glassed butt seam will be hidden under deck.  Just have to make sure it gets turned around when the fun starts.

I love camo as you can see.  It's going to cover the decks and ends of each support panel.  Only going to have a small portion of bare inner hull showing, enough to sit low in if need be or to have ample leg room when sitting on the rear deck.  So the panels are saturated with epoxy, glassed and covered with the camo cloth and epoxied over, sanded and epoxied until smooth.  Later all will have good coating of UV resistant something or other.

It took every bit of a full month to build the old Coho and that was working every day, all day, well, most all of every day.  There's only so much one can do when waiting for cure times to do the next thing.  You can't build a boat in a day.  Well I guess that depends on the boat and ones desires. I can't build a boat in a day haha! 

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